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I offer a variety of services, such as. . .
Tarot Card classes
Psychic reading parties
Phone readings
Private counseling on spiritual matters
Paranormal overnights
I am also an Ordained Minister, available for weddings, funerals, aura and home cleansings.

Psychic parties by Sonya:
A Psychic Party can be held at a private home or business, a park, sports bar, bowling alley, coffee shop, salon, winery, ski resort, campgrounds, or even an art gallery opening. Be creative!
The party hostess gets a free reading with a minimum of eight paying guests on weekends. Maximum number of guests (my personal reading limit) is 13 people, including the hostess.
Each guest gets a personal psychic reading, using Tarot Cards and Aura. Each guest gets a free tape recording of their reading.
On weeknights, I need a minimum six paying guests for the hostess to receive a free reading.
I charge according to how far my drive is. A local party, within an hour's drive from Oberlin, is $40 per 30 minute reading, $25 for a 15 minute reading.
For larger or more distant gatherings, a flat hourly rate can be negotiated.
Feel free to CALL me if you have any questions.

Phone Readings
Phone readings are popular and a great idea for a gift. Phone readings are completely private and are perfect for anyone who can't meet with me in person or book a party. Phone readings start at $35 for 25 minutes of Tarot Cards. I can read for longer than 25 minutes if requested - add $1 per minute. Prepaid reservations only. CALL for details.

Personal Meetings and Personal Counceling:
Travel to Oberlin for private counseling and I spend 45 minutes one on one with you doing Tarot Cards, and Aura. Cost is $50.
CALL for details.

Paranormal Overnights:
Paranormal Overnights are offered in Northern Ohio and are approximately $450 per couple. This cost varies according to where and when you want to do a real ghost investigation. The price includes a private room for two, breakfast, personal psychic readings, personal ghost hunting instruction, and a private ghost tour in the local surrounding county.
Note: more expensive places in a busy season will cost more than a midweek off-season B&B.
Deposits will be needed to secure room rentals.
This overnight is a chance to do serious investigations and learn from a real paranormal expert. Overnights are not for the easily scared or for children under the age of 13.
I have serveral places in mind right now that I know are actively haunted.